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Upcoming Shows and Talks

  • Jul 28

    Harmony Playground House Concert

    (Address provided upon ticket purchase)

  • Aug 8

    Vision: A Center for Spiritual Living

    San Diego

  • Aug 10

    Oasis San Diego

    La Mesa

  • Aug 15

    Vision: A Center for Spiritual Living

    San Diego

  • Aug 22

    Vision: A Center for Spiritual Living

    San Diego

Other Media

P  E  T  E  R     B  O  L  L  A  N  D

I speak, write, teach, and sing about a wide range of spiritual and philosophical things.

I write a column for Unity Magazine and another column for the San Diego Troubadour. I publish a blog called Thinking Through. I serve as executive editor and writer on, a news and commentary website. And I lecture all over town in a wide variety of venues about things that matter, things that make your life better. And all that when that when I'm not at work being a philosophy professor and department chair at Southwestern College in Chula Vista, California. I also sing, play guitar, write songs, make albums, and perform regularly throughout the San Diego area.

 I've been playing music and writing songs my whole life. My first solo album was called Frame, released in 2002. It earned a Best Americana Album nomination at the San Diego Music Awards. Then I had a band called The Coyote Problem from 2002-2010. We won the Best Americana Album prize for both of our albums, Wire in 2005 and California in 2007 at the San Diego Music Awards. Quit while you're ahead, right? I fired myself from my own band so I could focus on my solo work. The result? My album Two Pines, available now.Two Pines Album Cover

I am also a session musician playing a wide variety of instruments on other people's albums, things like acoustic and electric guitar, lap steel guitar, Dobro, mandolin, banjo, and harmonica.

But these daydobros I spend most of my off-campus time speaking and leading workshops at a wide variety of venues, (The Chopra Center, The San Diego Vedanta Monastery, San Diego Oasis, The Osher Life Long Learning Institute, Vision: A Center for Spiritual Living, First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego, and many more) about all of the things I've learned through the years about the world's wisdom traditions. If you'd like to come experience one of my many multimedia lecture presentations or long-form classes about the life-changing transformational wisdom of world mythology, comparative religion, and practical philosophy, visit the Calendar page for a complete schedule of upcoming events.

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