CANCELLED: Mysticism: The Sacred Fire at the Heart of Religion

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Osher Institute of Life Long Learning, College of Extended Studies, San Diego State University, 5250 Campanile Drive, San Diego, CA

Join us for this six-week course. What do Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Laozi, and Moses all have in common? They were all mystics. They moved away from contemporary religious institutions toward a powerful, transformative, subjective, and direct experience of the divine outside all doctrines and hierarchies. Mystics the world over often stand in conflict with their host traditions because of their radical stance, yet mainstream religion relies on their groundbreaking insights. Join us as we study the words, experiences, and insights of the world’s mystics and feel the fire that set them alight. The Osher Institute is a non-credit, university-style education experience open to everyone over 50 years old (but last time I checked they weren't checking IDs). Easy registration, easy parking, and a wonderful community of learners gathered around deep inquiry and meaningful learning.