The Perennial Philosophy

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Zoom Webinar Through San Diego Oasis

Have you ever marveled at the uncanny similarities between the world’s many wisdom traditions? Borrowing the title from Aldous Huxley’s influential 1945 book, but going far beyond where Huxley left off, this lecture is the search for the “perennial philosophy,” that small set of timeless, universal principles found beneath the surface of the world’s many religious and philosophical traditions. This is an ancient dream, to see all philosophy and religion as a unified whole, dating from the Renaissance, classical Greece and Rome before that, and all the way back to the Vedic Period in 9th century B.C.E. India. We will search across cultures and through the centuries for evidence that a perennial philosophy exists, and we will explore the possibility that we too can access this unifying wisdom through our own direct experience. $15 This event is offered only as a Zoom webinar. All registrants receive a video of the webinar in case they cannot attend live.