The Four Agreements

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Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center, 16780 La Gracia, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92091

o After his near-fatal car accident, Mexican physician Don Miguel Ruiz became an apprentice of a Nagual or shaman in the Toltec tradition. His groundbreaking book The Four Agreements, a distillation of that indigenous American wisdom, has been translated into 48 languages and remained on the New York Times bestsellers list for ten years. At the heart of his work is the idea that our assumptions (our agreements) shape the quality of our lives, and when we craft new ways of thinking we greatly increase our freedom and power. Join us for this close look at each of the Four Agreements, and their intersections with philosophy, psychology, and world spirituality. Join us in person at the beautiful Rancho Santa Fe Senior Center for this one hour presentation. (Free)