The Wisdom of Zen Buddhism

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San Diego Oasis, In Person or Via Zoom, 5500 Grossmont Center Drive Suite 269 , La Mesa, CA 91942

There are many fascinating forms of Buddhism thriving in the world today, and perhaps the most fascinating of all is Zen. Like all forms of Buddhism, Zen roots back to the teachings of the Buddha, a sixth century B.C.E. Indian reformer and spiritual teacher. What makes Zen unique and deeply appealing to people everywhere, especially here in the West, is its practicality, its simplicity, and its willingness to challenge the authority of our institutionalized thinking. Zen is a paradox. At once ancient and modern, disciplined and liberal, deeply traditional and wildly irreverent, Zen strips away from us all that is artificial until only our authentic nature remains. Join us as we uncover the practices and principles of this profoundly spiritual and eminently practical wisdom tradition. Join us in person at Grossmont Center, or via Zoom on your device anywhere in the world. $15