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Friday Reflections

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Zoom Webinar Through San Diego Oasis

Join us for this 30 minute webinar every Friday morning as we thoughtfully consider the world we live in, our place in it, and the myriad ways our hearts, minds, and souls intersect with the insights of the world's wisdom traditions. Even if you can't make this day/time, every registrant receives a video of the webinar. $6


The Philosophy of Abortion

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Zoom Webinar Through First Church Unitarian Universalist

Join us for this live Zoom webinar. o By now we’re all familiar with the pro and con arguments surrounding America’s most contentious political debate—abortion. But how aware are we of the often-unstated philosophical positions underpinning those familiar arguments? Join us for this philosophical inquiry into the big questions the abortion debate draws to the surface: When does life begin? What do different religions and wisdom traditions say about that? What does liberty or freedom really mean? Do we own our own bodies? How does the 14th amendment (granting a “right to life”) intersect with the 1st amendment (prohibiting the establishment of a state religion)? No matter your current views, join us for this important work. Register for this free event here: https://www.firstuusandiego.org/adult-faith-formation.html


The Dying God, the Trickster, and Sacrifice

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Oasis San Diego, 5500 Grossmont Center Dr #269, La Mesa, California

Join us in person at Oasis as we explore the interplay between these three prominent and powerful concepts in religion and mythology—the dying god, the trickster, and sacrifice. All over the world the archetype of the dying god holds sway—a divine being who takes human form only to die a sacrificial, gift-giving death. And the common archetype of the trickster god shakes and rattles us awake from our complacency by presenting divinity in shocking and disruptive forms. But why? Let’s find out! In-person only, $18

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